Born 1985 in Hanau am Main
2016            Stay abroad by virtue of the first carinthian film maker residency in Villach, Austria
2015            Stay abroad for research & shooting in Mumbay, India
Since 2014   Freelance film maker & video artist
2013            Meisterschüler    in the video art class of corinna Schnitt
2012-2013   year abroad in master program photography, video & related media,
                    School of Visual Arts, New york, USA
2012            Diploma in fine arts with distinction
2011            Stay abroad for research & shooting in caracas, Venezuela
2008-2009   year abroad at the program for fine arts of the Universidade das Belas Artes,

                    Lisbon, Portugal
Since 2007  
Artist name  cylixe
2006-2012   Study of fine arts, University of Art, Brunswick
2004-2005   Study of political science, sociology & philosophy, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena
2004            General qualification for university entrance, Hohe Landesschule, Hanau am Main
2003            Work & travel in Sao Paulo, Brasilia
2001-2002   year abroad at Manteca high school, california, USA