Requiem for a Bird

HD | color | 33’52” | 2016 | lang: E | ST: EN, GER

After death occurs, the Parsi Zoroastrians deliver their bodies to the vultures, according to ancient tradition. The priests of this Indian minority see to it, that they are placed on top of the “towers of silence”, structures located in the heart of Mumbai. But the vultures are becoming fewer at an alarming rate, falling victims to the drug Diclofenac, used in cattle farms.

This film gives insight into the Parsi community, struggling with their future, as well as the efforts of environmentalist groups trying to save the vultures from extinction. Built on interviews, research, animation, as well as experimental structural elements, the film draws a greater picture of a complex situation. All the while asking the question, how do we deal with the loss of a person, a culture, a species?